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KNOTS Custom was born from the idea of one singular principal. Create the highest quality area rugs at a reasonable price and deliver them quicker than anyone else! As an interior Designer I was frustrated over the lack of choices, materials, and styles available in the current marketplace. So I started designing patterns that fit my design aesthetic. As I started showing my work to a few designer friends they asked If I would design rugs for them as well. This small idea started to click. I was off to find the right weavers who could manufacture what I wanted to use. Fast forward 9 years after much trial and error, I found a group of amazing generational rug weavers who were committed to the same ideas and principals I was. Through much experimentation we came up with exciting materials unlike products available today.

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We here at KNOTS Custom are committed to leaving the lowest carbon foot print possible. We use all vegetable dyes mixed in 100 year old copper vats with pure spring mountain water heated by large stones placed in fire. he same way our Grandfathers and theirs before them. These tried and true techniques levy the most spectacular and vivid colours.

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We hired a designer to do a boat we recently purchased. We didn’t realize how many choices we had for replacing the wall to wall carpet throughout the boat. We also had them make several area rugs for the amin salon and upstairs salon. My husband and I are so happy our designer chose KNOTS Custom! Beautiful craftsmanship through and through!

B. Berch

We hired A. Keith Powell interior to do our home a few years ago. We were thrilled when he proposed using KNOTS Custom to design all of the rugs we needed for our new home. They really were thoughtful in selecting materials that work well with our college age kids and 2 older dogs that love to lie around on a soft rug. The polypropelyene selected for the family room works so well with our lifestyle. After almost 4 years all of the rugs still look amazing. Very happy with our custom rugs!

B. Arker

We love our KNOTS Custom rug! We wanted something that looks like a large stream of water. KNOTS Custom took into account all of the colours in our home and created a beautiful 14’ x 27’ rug for our living room. We couldn’t be happier with the results!

L. Smithson

KNOTS Custom will be our forever rug maker of choice. Our designer took us to their showroom in Hollywood Florida and showed us the wool box of colors and we were hooked! They created a beautiful rug for us and delivered in their promised 90 day window!

TJ Branson Design

We found KNOTS Custom from an online search. They couldn’t have made this process any easier! After choosing the rug we wanted they sent the pom colors for approval. After we saw the poms and approved them we paid a 50% deposit and 3 weeks later had a strike off which looked exactly like our finished product! Three months later we received the rug. We were so excited to show our client their forever rug which now lives in their home. They are happy which makes us happy! Thanks KNOTS Custom. Looking forward to doing more rugs soon!

A. Keith Powell Interiror

I may be a little bias here, but I have to say KNOTS Custom has always delivered beautiful product for all my projects! The materials, textures and style are perfect for my clients! Delivery always on time. I can’t say anything other than give them a try!

A. Jiminez

KNOTS Custom made a beautiful rug for our keys house. It’s made from their super soft polyprpelyne material. My kids both have allergies so until we found this product rugs were always a no no. Now we have beautiful soft rugs in both our homes thanks to KNOTS and their innovative materials! 10 out of 10!!

Interiors by JOHEN

Our firm found KNOTS Custom through a google search. We are a NYC based firm doing a project here in South Florida. We met with KNOTS at the Jeffrey Michaels Showroom. We were blown away with their presentation of colours and styles already available. We were able to select a few rugs already in their line and designed a few oversize rugs in various materials that suited our project. Very happy with the results! We would recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a special custom rug that isn’t the standard fare.

Milton H

My wife and I had a very special project for our Frank Lloyd Wright home we purchased in New York. We needed several rather large round rugs for a few rooms that required this shape. KNOTS Custom came through with beautiful designs that complimented the existing original interior furnishings and fittings. The end results are spectacular!

D. Richman

We wanted a large rug for our Florida Living Room. Something we couldn’t imagine for ourselves. Our interior designer worked with KNOTS to create a beautiful high/low wool and silk rug that look so spectacular we’ve decided to have them do one for our home in NY! We love their style and speed. Three months from strike off to delivery! Thank you guys! Looking forward to another project soon!